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Brand: The Bee Bros Thoma & Costa Model: 71.07039
Crunchy cereal rings with chocolate honey by Bee Bros with no added sugar!Your children need energy to have a good head start on their day. The kids’ ..
Brand: The Bee Bros Thoma & Costa Model: 71.07012
The family of Thoma & Costa has grown bigger! Delicious Biscuits with Honey and Cocoa, no sugar, no palm oil and no preservatives! An ideal, he..
Healthy Breakfast & Free Snacks
-29 %
Model: 71.30080
Summer trips are starting! Even on vacation, it is important to eat a full breakfast, as:You get full better during the dayYou boost your energy &..
26.23€ 18.50€
Wafers with Honey and Cocoa 135g x 10 - The Bee Bros
-24 %
Brand: The Bee Bros Thoma & Costa Model: 71.30006
The family of Thoma & Costa has grown bigger!Delicious Wafers with Honey and Cocoa!   Natural Product No added sugar No pal moil Non G..
22.00€ 16.72€
Mega Bee  Box
-30 %
Brand: The Bee Bros Thoma & Costa Model: 71.30093
The giant pack has arrived and our weakness for healthy The BeeBros never ends!The package includes1 package THE BEE BROS Cereal Crunchy Honey Rings 2..
59.40€ 41.50€
Brand: Vasilissa Model: 71.08006
The taste is floral, pleasant and harmoniously blended with a notable element of lavender. It has a consistently moderate level of sweetness that inte..
Brand: Vasilissa Model: 71.08018
Thyme honey is rich in carbohydrates. It also contains pollen grains which makes it particularly rich in minerals and trace elements such as calcium, ..
Brand: V-460 Model: 71.03003
Flower Honey with ThymeHoney produced from the nectar of thyme flowers, combined with various flowers that come mainly from the islands and coastal ar..
Brand: Vasilissa Model: 71.08017
Forest honey, like all dark honeys, has great nutritional value and high antioxidant activity. It is very rich in trace elements, such as phosphorus, ..
Brand: Vasilissa Model: 71.08010
Honey with cinnamonHoney and cinnamon create a charming and delightful combination."If the individual benefits of honey and cinnamon are significant, ..